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Give and Take 2020

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We have „GIVEn“ various free-of-charge Use Cases from our SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS like:

  1  Index Maintenance Costs

  2  EXPLAIN Suppression

  3  BIF Usage

Limited free-of-Charge Db2 Application

This Program started in Europe, during our 30th anniversary was such a success, that it is now being Extended for the benefit of North American Db2 z/OS sites.

SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS (WLX) contains several “Use Cases”. We provided three of them, free of charge, for one month to different sites.

In return, we received their results. We’d like to share this inspiring experiences with you now.

Inspiring experiences

We TAKE the anonymized results for research

and will communicate with the local User Groups for discussions


Lesen Sie die Kundenmeinungen aus unterschiedlichen Industrie Sektoren     [Customer Comments]


  • Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung
  • Automobil Industrie
  • IT Provider für Banken
  • Versicherungen

Erste Ergebnisse von Db2 z/OS Kunden

1Index Mantenance CostsNearly all the data we got back showed a positive result for created Indexes…
2EXPLAIN SuppressionAbout 10% of SQLs are actually “left over”…
3BIF Usage When migrating to a new Db2 version, the BIFs are not always compatible and an extreme amount of data is produced.


The difficulty of near-time analysis to track down BIFs within dynamic SQL have been solved with the BIF Usage Use Case…

[Ergebnisse von Db2 z/OS Kunden (engl)]

Program 3 – BIF Usage   




BIF KompatibilitätDb2 10 Kompatibilität Mode


Änderungen bei der STRING Formatierung von Decimal Data bei der CHAR und VARCHAR built-in Funktion und bei der CAST Spezifikation mit CHAR und VARCHAR Ergebnis Typen sowie UNSUPPORTED TIMESTAMP STRINGs.

White PaperWo sind die BIFs?
Finding BIFs (engl)
Wo sind die BIFs? Und wie können wir in Zukunft problemlos mit BIFs leben?
Wege aus der mangelnden Aufwärtskompatibilität bei der Migration von Db2 Versionen
Newsletter2015-01 – BIFCIDS – Where’s the BIF? (engl.)How will you deal with loop-hole usage in production code?
VideoBIF Usage (engl)(11min.) Trap  and correct the BIFs that will cause belly-ache one day soon

BIF Usage Video