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2019-12 Fun with Db2 12 PBR RPN

Avoid runing out of extent during partition in production with the recently enhanced SAX – Space AssuranceExpert thanks to the new PBR – RPN for Db2 12

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2019-09 A DBA has got to know his limitations

Know the most important Space limitations in Db2 and how to check them to avoid being out of extent thanks to a real-time space monitor small tool

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2019-08 FTB (Fast Traversal Block): Just another TLA?

Learn how FTB (Fast Traversal Block) supports Db2 Fast Index Traversal (FIT) to allow Index performance optimization and CPU saving since Db2 12

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Rotten Results from RUNSTATS Require Rescue

Do you know the basic rules to ensure access path stability when using RUNSTATS? DB2 z/OS Access path stability: Time for another of my “I noticed something strange at a customer site recently” Newsletters. Enjoy!   RUNSTATS are good aren’t they? At

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2015-09 A real CLUSTER Buster

  Are you using the „default“ clustering INDEX or are you defining the correct INDEX with the CLUSTER Attribute? This newsletter is dedicated to all DDL designers who do their best but then omit that last tiny bit. No-one really

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GIVE and TAKE Programme 1, 2, 3

Give and Take 2020 Information on the Give and Take Programs 4,5,6,7   Previous Give & Take We have „GIVEn“ various free-of-charge Use Cases from our SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS like:   1  Index Maintenance Costs   2  EXPLAIN

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2015-05 Top 10 Things to Ignore for DB2 z/OS

  This newsletter was inspired by a recent article I read in the “Enterprise Systems Magazine” called “Top 10 Ways to Waste Money on CPU”. Why not the Top 10 things to ignore?   DB2 z/OS things you could ignore

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