GIVE and TAKE Programs 4, 5, 6, 7

Db2 11+ 12 Audit+ SIEM, Access Path Recovery, Space Assurance, ZOWE and SQL Workload Performance

Limited free-of-Charge Db2 Applications

Previous Give & Take

This Program started in Europe in 2016. We have „GIVEn“ various free-of-charge Use Cases from our SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS like:

1 Index Maintenance Costs

2 EXPLAIN Suppression

3 BIF Usage

What we GIVE in 2020

  • 90 days free trial – even in production
  • Two webinars covering installation and all pre-reqs
  • Two days – free of charge – onsite support
  • Offer of two days – free of charge – for potential realization of customer requests and enhancements

What we TAKE

  • Your Real World Experiences
  •  Your permission to use the gathered data in our presentations (Anonymous or, if you allow it, with your customer name)

In return, we receive the results. We’d like to share this inspiring experiences with you and communicate with local User Groups worldwide.

Current Give & Take 2020, Germany offers


Db2 11+12 Audit+ SIEM

with Optional Framework Eclipse or ZOWE IBM GUI

January-March 2020 (1Q) – Flyer Audit More


Access Path Recovery

April-June 2020 (2Q) – Presentation More


Space Assurance – K-no-w Limits

July – September 2020 (3Q) – PresentationFlyer SAX More

Db2 Space Assurance Recovery; give and Take Programm 4,5,6,7; SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GMBH


ZOWE IBM GUI and SQL Workload Performance for Db2 12

Oct.-December 2020 (4Q)

We TAKE the anonymized results for research

and will communicate with the local User Groups for discussions

Inspiring experiences

See the Customer Statements & more details on the past Give & Take