Real Time Space Audit and Space Management

Space AssuranceExpert+ for Db2 z/OS

Db2 bursting at the Seams?

In this agile Big Data world, nobody wants to be responsible for outages, due to missed resource problems!

When it comes to Db2 z/OS – where your most critical business data is hosted – simply adding CPU and disks won’t help mitigate Db2’s limiting factors:

Limiting Factors




  • Table/tablespace definition

  • Index/indexspace definition

  • Allocated space

  • Overall space available

  • Number of space extents

  • Maximum number of partitions

  • Sequences

  • Identity columns

  • DOCIDs

  • Numeric Primary Keys

  • DBAT usage

Db2 doesn’t come with high-water warnings to let you know there´s a problem before it happens, but luckily there is Space AssuranceExpert+ for Db2 z/OS (SAX+):

Space AssuranceExpert+ for Db2 z/OS


Real Time DBAExpert

  • Allows you to assign resources for current requirements

  • Monitors (critical) Db2 limitations in real-time

  • Powerful automation adjusts space allocations on the fly

  • Warnings and Alerts issued on approaching low or high watermarks

Includes a full package of batch and online reporting on any space related item

Flexibly define the desired reporting/automation levels via wildcard threshold definitions top down using include/exclude control values.

Start with a general, global setting, and make more specific definitions as needed for a specific application, or individual object.

SAX+ triggers WTO and/or messages on two levels (warning and critical) for:

  • Extents
  • Maximum number of linear datasets (Db2 LDSs)
  • Maximum physical object size
    (depending on the type of object – Last partition in a PBG, TS, IS, partition, LOB,…)
  • SMS storage group
    (e.g. for the Db2 Catalog, TSs, ISs, Db2 copies, Db2 Logs,…)
  • Sequence, Identity Columns, XML DocIDs, Numeric Primary Key in Db2 Catalog and, optionally, Numeric Primary Key in user data.