Real Time Space Audit and Space Management

Space AssuranceExpert for Db2 z/OS

More Transactions, New Applications, Big Data and your Business is growing – fortunately Space is affordable and infinite.

BUT – to take into account….

When it comes to Db2 z/OS hosting your most critical business data, adding CPU and disks doesn’t help you with the limiting factors of your key database and there are various of them:

Limiting Factors

  • table/tablespace definition
  • index/indexspace definition
  • allocated space
  • overall space available
  • number of space extents
  • minimum number of partitions
  • sequences
  • identity columns
  • DOCIDs
  • numeric primary keys

Db2 itself doesn’t come with high watermark warnings – but there is Space AssuranceExpert for Db2 z/OS (SAX):


Real Time DBAExpert


Business Expansion

  • SAX allows, you to assign the resources as needed now, but carefully monitors the (critical) Db2 limitations in real-time
  • Powerful automation adjusts space allocations on the fly, or warns and alerts when approaching low, or high watermarks
  • A full package of batch and online reporting capabilities on any space related item

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