2023-01 IDUG EMEA 2022 review

Hi All!

This year (well, strictly speaking last year…) IDUG EMEA changed from running Monday to Wednesday to being from Sunday to Tuesday. This caught a few people out with travel plans, etc. but all in all it was ok as a „once off“. It was also held after a two-year COVID delay in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, where it normally rains a day longer than your stay but I only had rain on one day! Mind you, that did coincide with tornado style, umbrella-shredding winds that made going anywhere more like a swim, but what can I say? The Haggis was excellent, the Whisky’s were simply gorgeous and all the people were incredibly friendly. Not just the visitors to the IDUG either!

All a bit late, I know, but I have been terribly busy doing other „real“ work… So, with no further ado, off we go through the Db2 for z/OS IDUG presentations!

Please remember, to use the links below you *must* have been at the IDUG 2022 EMEA and/or you are an IDUG Premium member and remember your IDUG Userid and password!

Starting with Track A: Db2 for z/OS I

A01 Db2 13 for z/OS and More! from Haakon Roberts and Steven Brazil gave a great intro to Db2 13, the history behind it and the AI-driving force within. Finishing off with Db2 13 highlights. Our very own Andre Kuerten rated Haakon as the best overall presenter by the way.

A02 Db2 13 for z/OS Performance Overview, from Akiko Hoshikawa did what it said. A deep dive through all the performance stuff, including updates on Db2 12 and synergy with z Hardware.

A03 Db2 13 for z/OS Migration, Function Levels and Continuous Delivery from „The Dynamic Duo“ of Anthony Ciabattoni and John Lyle was a review of all the Db2 12 functions and then an update on how to do the migration to Db2 13 – Which should be faster and less troublesome than to Db2 12.

A04 Now You See It, Unveil New Insights Through SQL Data Insights from Akiko Hoshikawa was the first of many presentations to go into depth all about AI, as various bits of AI are now available out-of-the box with Db2 13. Still a few things to do of course… 50GB of USS data for the SPARK for example … but at least no need for machine learning (ML). At the very end was also a glimpse into the future and the next three BiFs coming our way soon!

A05 Getting Ready for Db2 13 from John Lyle was another review of continuous delivery and how to get to Db2 12 FL510, which is the migration point for Db2 13 FL100.

A06 Db2 for z/OS Utilities – What’s New? from Haakon Roberts was the usual excellent presentation and run down of all the latest new stuff on the utilities front and also any Db2 13 stuff as well. As always well worth a read!

A07 BMC Utilities Update was a complete review of all BMC utilities.

A08 The Latest Updates on Broadcom Db2 Utilities was a complete review of all Broadcom utilities.

A09 Db2 Z Network Encryption: Overview and How to Identify End-Users Using Open Port from Brian Laube was a fascinating presentation all about fully understanding this problem as it is, or will be, a problem in all shops at some point in the future! The presentation also included an example NETSTAT from TSO to help you find the „bad guys“ before you switch to 100% SECPORT usage. At the end was a very nice list of AHA requests/ideas/wishes which I would also appreciate if some people voted for!

A10 Do you know? SMF Records, IFCIDs, Trace Classes – What Does it all Mean? from Sally Mir all about traces, SMF, IFCIDS etc etc etc.

A11 The Db2 12 and beyond with the latest real customer experiences … from Ute Kleyensteuber. Ute discussed the experiences with Db2 12 and some of the challenges she had to face, and then some Db2 13 early experiences.

A12 Db2 13 for z/OS Migrations – Major Process Changes Detailed from John Lyle. He explained what the Catalog and Directory are and how they have changed over the years, also how to pre-migrate check and then migrate your sub-system.

A13 Let Your Cloud Applications Get the Most From Your z Data – Introducing IBM Data Fabric from Sowmya Kameswaran was to introduce IBM Data Fabric with Cloud Pak for Data.

A14 Express Yourself from Marcus Davage was an excellent romp through the horrors of REGEX and ended up with a quick way to solve WORDLE…all a bit dubious if you ask me! What with the recursive SQL from Michael Tiefenbacher and Henrik Loeser solving Sudoku and now Marcus solving Wordle what is left for our brains to do??? The link to github for Sudoku is:


Thanks to Michael and especially to Henrik for the link.

A15 A Row’s Life from Marcus Davage. This is what a row goes through in its daily life – fascinating! A deep technical dive into the data definition of pages etc etc.

A16 Db2 13 for z/OS Install and Migration Using z/OSMF Workflows from Sueli Almeida. This presentation showed how you can indeed use z/OSMF for provisioning now!

Now we switch to Track B Db2 for z/OS II where we start with B02 as there was no B01:

B02 Continuous Delivery – Navigating from Db2 12 to Db2 13 from Chris Crone. This was another review of CD in Db2 12 and 13 but included a review of ZPARMS that have been deleted/deprecated/updated in Db2 13.

B03 Db2 13 for z/OS Application Management Enhancements from Tammie Dang. The highlights for applications were reviewed, highlighting timeouts and deadlocks and the way that SYSTEM PROFILES can easily help you get what you want without massive REBINDs.

B05 Ready Player One for Db2 13! from Emil Kotrc. This was another recap of Db2 13 migration, CD, Db2 12 FL501 to FL510 but also with deprecated functions and incompatible changes.

B06 Getting RID of RID Pool RIDdles from Adrian Collett and Bart Steegmans was an entertaining sprint through What is an RID? and When do I have a real RID problem?

B07 Mastering the Setup for Integrated Synchronization in Data Sharing from Christian Michel was all about network setup for encryption and certificates, as well as high availability for multiple accelerators.

B08 Things About Db2 for z/OS I Wish I’d Remember When…. from Michael Cotignola. A quick run through interesting stuff that has changed over time especially RTS usage.

B09 Speed up your Image Copies consistently and non-disruptive! from Eva Bartulej and Chris Duellmann was a description of one way to Clone data in production down to test.

B10 Db2 for z/OS Data Sharing: Configurations and Common Issues from Mark Rader. Was a very interesting presentation about exactly how data sharing hangs together and the various ways you can break it or make it better. A Must Read if you have, or are planning on, going to a data sharing system! His anecdote about a forklift truck crashing through the back wall of the data center brought home that „disasters“ are just waiting to happen…

B11 Get Cozy with Traces in Db2 for z/OS from Denis Tronin was a great intro into the usage of Traces for Db2 for z/OS. Included was also an update of which traces have been changed or introduced for the new Db2 12 and 13 features.

B12 Partitioning Advances: PBR and PBR RPN from Frank Rhodes. This gave an excellent review of the history of tablespaces in Db2. Then the new variant PBR RPN was introduced, and how to get there.

B13 Managing APPLCOMPAT for DRDA Application from Gareth Copplestone-Jones. Another review of CD and APPLCOMPAT but this time looking at NULLID packages and the special problems they give you!

B14 Afraid of Recovery? Redirect Your Fears! from Alex Lehmann. This showed the new redirected recovery feature with some background info and a summary about why it is so useful!

B15 Db2 SWAT Team Perspective on Db2 13 Features that Maximize Continuous Availability from Anthony Ciabattoni. A review of all the features that allow you to change things while the system is running with no outage.

B16 DB2 z/OS Recovery and Restart from Thomas Baumann. This is a *one* day seminar… The IDUG live talk was just the first hour (first 34 slides!) and if you ever wish to consider doing RECOVER – Read it all!

B17 Security and Compliance with Db2 13 for z/OS from Gayathiri Chandran. Was all about the IBM Compliance Center and a list of all Audit relevant info in Db2 (Encryption, Audit policies etc.)

Now off to Track E AppDev & Analytics I:

E01 When Microseconds Matter from Thomas Baumann. This was all about tuning a highly tuned system. Where, even if you have 50 microsecond CPU SQL times, you can squeeze even more out of the Lemon! Included are complete SQLs for examining your DSC for tuning candidates that „stayed below the Radar“ before.

E02 Customer Experiences and best practices from Accelerator on Z Deployments from Cüneyt Göksu. This was all about Accelerator usage of course and included a bunch of „Lessons learned“ when migrating through to V7.5.

E03 Our Migration journey towards UTS and DB2 12 FL510 : Approach and
from Davy Goethals. This was all about the effort to get all TS’s to UTS and to get to Db2 12 FL510 ready for Db2 13. Especially interesting for the QMF data going to implicit TS’s now.

E04 Db2 for z/OS Locking for Application Developers from Gareth Copplestone-Jones. All about locking from the developer’s POV. Contains Lock Size recommendations and descriptions of Locking, and Cursors. A very good read!

E05 Simplify database management with package rebind in an 24×7 application environment from Tammie Dang. This was all about the REBIND Phase-in which really, really helps keep your system 24×7! Also worth mentioning is the Db2 12 PTF UI73874 (APAR PH28693 Closed 2021-02-09) which *must* be installed!

E06 Mainframe Modernization – What about the data? from Greg DeBo. This was all about data and who has security, who owns it, needs it and what can you do with it when you no longer need it?

E07 Beginners guide to Ansible on z/OS from Sreenivas Javvaji started with the pre-reqs like Ubuntu and then adding Ansible and installing the IBM z/OS Core Collection finishing off with yaml.

E08 Sharing Early Experience with Db2 AI for z/OS from Fatih Aytemiz. This was the customer view of early usage of AI at their bank.

E09 Access Paths Meet Coding from Andy Green. Contains a DBA view of how application developers let access paths „slide“ over time until incidents start to happen, and how to correct this by putting back „optimization“ into the development process. Extremely useful presentation for Application Developers and SQL coders!

E10 SQL Injection and Db2 – Pathology and Prevention from Petr Plavjaník. A cross platform presentation all about SQL injection and how it can bite you… A very important take away is that it is not „just“ an LUW or distributed problem. Dynamic SQL in COBOL can just as easily be injected…

E11 All you ever wanted to know about Accelerator on Z Monitoring from Cüneyt Göksu. Did what the label said!

E12 What Db2 Can Do; I Can Do Too – First Steps Towards Machine Learning from Toine Michielse. An introduction to AI and ML along with explaining all of the current Models and training mechanisms.

E13 How Can Python Help You with Db2? From Markéta Mužíková and Petr Plavjaník. Everything you ever wondered about Python but were afraid to ask! Included an installation list explaining some of the more weird environmental variables of the pyenv.sh

E14 Use Profiles to Monitor and Control Db2 Application Context from Maryela Weihrauch. This was all about one of the, in my personal opinion, most underused features of Db2 on z/OS. They have been around for years and they enable so much e.g. Global Variables, driver upgrades, RELEASE(DEALLOCATE) / RELEASE(COMMIT) etc etc

E15 -805 Explained from Emil Kotrc. This explained the whole background of program preparation Precompile, Compile, Link and BIND. Which consistency token goes where and when is it validated?

E16 The Exciting Journey Towards Devops on the Mainframe from Toine Michielse. This was all about DevOps and how the Open Mainframe is reflected in this environment with Zowe, git etc.

E17 Data, I just can’t get enough, Data Archiving in Db2 from Roberto Cason. Was all about data and when to archive it and more importantly – how?

Then Track F for AppDev & Analytics II:

F03 Is it worth to migrate CICS cobol app to Windows .net ? from Mateusz Książek. Naturally I am a little bit biased here, as I would always say „NO!“. However Mateusz goes on to explain the difficulty of monitoring and comparing the results. It was a bit like apples and oranges after all and he ended on a Pros and Cons slide where you must decide …

F04 COBOL abound from Eric Weyler. This was all about the remarkable life of COBOL and how it is *still* nailed to its perch! There are „new“ forms like gnuCOBOL and new front ends like VS Code and of course Zowe and Web GUIs with z/OSMF.

F05 Getting the Most Value from Db2 for z/OS – No Matter what the Version or Function Level from Bob Bersano. This was a „call to arms“ to actually use the existing functionality that you have in Db2 for z/OS versions 12 and 13.

F06 Declared Global Temporary Tables (DGTT) User Stories from Kurt Struyf. Explained the differences between CGTT and DGTT, why you would want to use a DGTT and things to know, especially EXPLAIN usage.

F07 War of the Worlds – Monolith vs Microservices from Bjarne Nelson. This session highlighted the intrinsic difficulties of going to microservices (Rest et al) in comparison to the „normal“ DBMS ACID style. Finishing with „When to use microservices and when not to!“

F08 SYSCOPY: You cannot live without it! from Ramon Menendez. Detailed everything about this very important member of the Db2 Catalog. It also covered the new things in Db2 12 and 13 as well as a quick look at how SYSIBM.SYSUTILITIES interacts with it.

F09 Playing (with) FETCH from Chris Crone. This was an informative session all about FETCH where even I learnt something … shock, horror!

F10 A Tale of Two Extensions : Db2 Family Support in Visual Studio Code from Philip Nelson. This was a deep dive down into VS Code, IBM Db2 for z/OS Developer Extension and Db2 Connect (not the old one, the new one!)

F13 Your Statistics are Safe with Me, Statistics Profile Revealed from Nilufer Osken. Everything you wanted to know about Db2 statistics and statistic profile usage.

F15 Making Db2 on the Mainframe Great Again with the Linux Foundation Zowe Tooling from Joe Winchester. This was a great Zowe presentation about how you can modernize your mainframe. My personal favorite is naturally slide 35 with the Green Screen emulator…

F17 Explain explained from Julia Carter. This was an introduction in how to use and understand the EXPLAIN statement and its output to help in correcting badly-running SQL.

Finally Track G Daily Special (Sounds like a restaurant…) :

G01 Db2 for z/OS Security – An Introduction from Gayathiri Chandran. This is everything you need to know about security on z/OS.

G02 Back to Basics: High Performance Application Design and Programming from Tony Andrews. This was all about understanding SQL accesses and Db2 access paths using EXPLAIN. Then all the different type of joins were discussed as well as SORTs.

G03 Do I Really Need to Worry about my Commit Frequency? An Introduction to Db2 Logging from Andrew Badgley. Explained the BSDS, the Active and Archive logs and how they all interact with UOW. A recommendation here during Q&A was to COMMIT about every two seconds, and one war story was of a site that had an eight hour batch run which was then deemed to have gone rogue and was duly cancelled… It started rolling back and took a while… Db2 was then shut down – It didn’t of course… IRLM was then cancelled, Db2 came crashing down. Db2 was restarted… Hours passed as it *still* did its ROLLBACK, they cancelled it again… Then restarted and then waited hours for it to actually (re)start properly…

G04 Db2 Logging Basics & Exploitation Beyond Recovery from Steen Rasmussen. This explained how Db2 actually does logging and why we should be interested in it!

G05 The Trilogy of DB2’s “Originating” Address Spaces–Mainframe, DDF & Stored Procedures Measure/Tune from Thomas Halinski. Explained all the z/OS parts of Db2 and then listed out the different „areas“ of tuning that are possible.

G17 Esoteric functions in Db2 for z/OS from Roy Boxwell. Naturally the best presentation of the EMEA *cough, cough* Could be a little bit biased here… If you wanted to know about weird stuff in Db2 for z/OS then this was your starting point. Any questions drop me a line!!!

My very own Oscar

I was also very proud, and happy, to be awarded an IBM Community Award as a „Newbie IBM Champion“ for 2022! It was at the same time as John Campbell got his for lifetime achievement and was doubly good as I first met John waaaay back in the 1980’s at Westland Helicopters PLC with DB2 1.3 on MVS/XA – Those were the days!

Please drop me a line if you think I missed anything, or got something horribly wrong. I would love to hear from you!


Roy Boxwell