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Each month, SEG sends out valuable technical DB2 z/OS information based on knowledge gained by the experienced developers and technicians in our product labs. We would like to share this newsletter with other DB2 users, like yourself.

2020-06 Let’s get Virtual with each other

Let’s get Virtual with each other
Due to the Corona virus a whole bunch of us IT folk have been getting a lot of “virtual” recently! We are viewed as being “system relevant” and some of us *must* work from home to keep the systems rolling. This month I thought I would walk down the road we at Software Engineering and SEGUS have all about virtual, and simulated, Db2.

2020-05 Things I never knew

Things I never knew
I actually do not know everything about Db2. I do know a ton of stuff, but you never ever stop learning. I thought I would create a newsletter out of all the stuff I never knew before that I have learnt over the last few years.

GIVE and TAKE Programs 4, 5, 6, 7

Limited free of charge Db2 Applications for 90 days to US & European sites:
– Db2 11,12 Audit+SIEM,
– Access Path Recovery,
– Space Assurance,
– ZOWE+SQLWorkload Performance

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2020-04 Four Flavors of Db2 Audit

Four different ways to “Get a Db2 z/OS Audit Done”.

Which one ist the best way, so that you can process the gathered data?

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2020-03 Db2 REORG SYSCOPY: DRAIN Delays are Despicable

REORG and missing SYSCOPY: delays on a Db2 site caused from a DRAIN SQL and a badly timed RUNSTATS. How to identify the bad SQLs thanks to z/OS tools.

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2020-02 Db2 UPDATE column: UPDATEs for nothing and CPU ain’t free!

Db2 UPDATE column: what happens “under the covers” when the column value you are updating is exactly the same as the new value?

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2020-01 How RUNSTATS causes an error SQLCODE

How can a RUNSTATS *cause* an SQL error code? Well, my gentle readers read the explanation illustrated with two examples in SPUFI

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2019-12 Fun with Db2 12 PBR RPN

Avoid runing out of extent during partition in production with the recently enhanced SAX – Space AssuranceExpert thanks to the new PBR – RPN for Db2 12

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2019-11 Db2 Existence checks: SELECT for DUMMIES

Find your Db2 backend on any hardware platform with this Db2 Existence checks SQL query examples: SELECT COUNT() FROM SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1

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2019-10 DECFLOAT examples: Fun with Numbers

Find Db2 Decfloat examples (SNAN, NAN, INF), invalid DECFLOAT and some solutions as CAST or capturing the SQL workload / capturing SQLCODES.

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