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Each month, SEG sends out valuable technical DB2 z/OS information based on knowledge gained by the experienced developers and technicians in our product labs. We would like to share this newsletter with other DB2 users, like yourself.

2020-12 Migration Mayhem?

Nah, not really! Well at least I hope not! The problem lies with all of the old baggage we carry around with us all the time. Humans, and computers, are pretty bad at simply „forgetting“. Things just keep popping up and annoying us at the most inopportune moments…

2020-11 Recover Résumé

This month I hope to answer a reader question – I was asked all about when/how to use the TOLOGPOINT phrase in a RECOVER utility. So here is my RECOVER résumé.

2020-10 Mapping Table Mystery

We all know, and love, REORG Mapping tables right? Well this month I want to run through the ins and outs of defining and using these little beasts!

2020-08 SYSLGRNX through the looking glass

This month I want to have a good look inside the SYSLGRNX – Not just for fun but actually to review what is inside and ask the question: Is any of it “interesting” for us as DBAs?

2020-07 IDUG 2020 What I have learnt

As noted in my last newsletter, the virtual world is influencing us all now. The IDUG North America 2020 had to “go virtual” and here are a few points I picked up over the last weeks while manning our virtual booth and attending virtual sessions. These are just randomly sorted and there were a ton of other interesting IDUG presentations that I recommend you try and read!

2020-06 Let’s get Virtual with each other

Let’s get Virtual with each other
Due to the Corona virus a whole bunch of us IT folk have been getting a lot of “virtual” recently! We are viewed as being “system relevant” and some of us *must* work from home to keep the systems rolling. This month I thought I would walk down the road we at Software Engineering and SEGUS have all about virtual, and simulated, Db2.

2020-05 Things I never knew

Things I never knew
I actually do not know everything about Db2. I do know a ton of stuff, but you never ever stop learning. I thought I would create a newsletter out of all the stuff I never knew before that I have learnt over the last few years.

GIVE and TAKE Programs 4, 5, 6, 7

Limited free of charge Db2 Applications for 90 days to US & European sites:
– Db2 11,12 Audit+SIEM,
– Access Path Recovery,
– Space Assurance,
– ZOWE+SQLWorkload Performance

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2020-04 Four Flavors of Db2 Audit

Four different ways to “Get a Db2 z/OS Audit Done”.

Which one ist the best way, so that you can process the gathered data?

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2020-03 Db2 REORG SYSCOPY: DRAIN Delays are Despicable

REORG and missing SYSCOPY: delays on a Db2 site caused from a DRAIN SQL and a badly timed RUNSTATS. How to identify the bad SQLs thanks to z/OS tools.

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