2021-01 Migration Mayhem – Update

Well, this month I want to do a simple review of the data I have so far received from readers, a plug for my upcoming webinar on the Db2 Night show, and an announcement about the next version!

The results are in!

We have surely had a *very* interesting few months of results (naming no names!) and I also got great feedback about my freeware program for aiding and abetting with Db2 deprecated data in last month’s newsletter – a freebie give away.


Who knew? There are a *lot* of empty databases out there! Well over 2,000! Guys guys guys (and gals gals gals) … Time to start dropping those bad old boys!


Strangely enough, there are far fewer empty tablespaces – not yet even 200 have been reached!

Classic Partitions

Over 100 partitioned spaces with over 5,000 partitions, which I call „classic“, are still out there running away happily – From these, nearly 60 are LARGE…

Segmented all the way…

Segmented is still in popular demand, of course, and I am not surprised at all that I got over 6,000 spaces back.

As simple as myself…

Simple, however, surprised me a bit, as there are nearly 200 of these ancient animals still roaming free over the data prairie… Time to move on with these old artifacts too!

RRF has no roll over victory!

That there are nearly 2,000 BRF partitions out there is also a bit worrying for me although, to be fair, quite a few were work database entries and, I must be honest here, I do not know if BRF in Work tablespaces is a „problem“ or not – Any volunteers to find this out?

Multi-table troubles…

Nearly 500 tablespaces are multi-table with around 1,500 tables within them all. This could cause problems after Db2 12 FL508, naturally. Start planning to move these on as soon as you can.

Running out of log???

Six byte RBAs were amazingly high! Over 20,000 TP/IP datasets are *still* at six bytes … This is pretty bad … remember time is running out and you really must just do a REORG of the darn things and you are done!

The opposite of antonyms…

Finally, my favorite pet peeve – SYNONYMS – Most people have just a few but one customer had over 16,000!

Gone – and hopefully soon forgotten

What have I *not* seen anywhere in the wild? Hash Tables – No great surprise though, as they were unloved and there must have been a reason behind the decision to kill ‚em off!


Please visit the Db2 Night show website:


There, you can register for show #Z113 or, if you are reading this after January 29th 2021, you can download the replay and the slide deck!

I will be running through and showing all the SQLs you need to fix any and all of the deprecated features in our freeware and listed above!

Next Version available now!

We have released version 1.2 of the MORE000 Migration HealthCheck program which now includes some changes suggested by readers/users.

  • Addition of an aggregate total of tables sum
  • Ordering of the multi-table tablespace output to make it easier to read

Finally, I missed one deprecated feature: Procedure – SQL External. These got deprecated in Db2 11 so now MORE0000 outputs all the Procedure/Function counts as well as the names and specific names of SQL External ones. To correct these, you could be lucky and just have to do a DROP and CREATE or you might have to do some code changes, but it is all described in the documentation.

Wishlist a bit earlier this year?

If you have any wishes then please drop me a line!

As always, many thanks for taking the time to read and


Roy Boxwell