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SQLCODES list & review, including their meaning.

Analysis of the behaviour of some reluctant SQL CODES and solutions proposal to get them correctly processing.

2020-01 How RUNSTATS causes an error SQLCODE

How can a RUNSTATS *cause* an SQL error code? Well, my gentle readers read the explanation illustrated with two examples in SPUFI

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2019-10 DECFLOAT examples: Fun with Numbers

Find Db2 Decfloat examples (SNAN, NAN, INF), invalid DECFLOAT and some solutions as CAST or capturing the SQL workload / capturing SQLCODES.

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2019-06 A little quote from Terry Purcell: It just takes one

One single SQL statement can bring your entire system to its knees: this quote from Terry Purcell is illustrated with a real case at one customer site.

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2018-12: Db2 Checklist – SQLCODEs as never seen before

With this SQLCODE list, from the “bad guys” through to the “odd guys” – e.g. the SQLCODE 100 – and then onto the „not so bad guys“, you can see a practical list of current SQLCODEs in production from around the globe, including their meaning. This review also analyzes the behaviour of some SQLCODEs and also proposes some solutions to get your Db2 z/OS programs correctly processing these SQLCODEs.

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2017-09 Db2 12 SQL Access paths: Death by APAR

We recently held one of our Design Councils, this one was all about Db2 12 and going Agile. I was asked the following question after one of my presentations about verifying Db2 Code/Catalog/Function Levels: “How many APARs really can affect

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2015-04 SQLCODEs of interest

  Are your DB2 11 SQLCODES up-to-date? I originally wanted to call this newsletter “SQLCODE101” but not all of my international readers may understand… Anyway, this newsletter is dedicated to that small group of people who, like me, share an interest in

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