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2020-02 Db2 UPDATE column: UPDATEs for nothing and CPU ain’t free!

Db2 UPDATE column: what happens “under the covers” when the column value you are updating is exactly the same as the new value?

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„Breaking the rules is often fun, although we cannot condone it. But breaking the rules of Real Time Statistics (RTS) in Db2 12 can really land you in hot water. We provide two queries that may give you a Get

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2017-11 Db2 APAR list: An APAR a day keeps the bugs at bay

Db2 12 APAR – time saving list With all the talk about “agile” going on, and referring to one of my older 2017-09 newsletters* on APARs, I think it is time to tell you all about another little service that

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2016-10 Discovering hidden recovery problems in the SYSLGRNX – Update 2020-09

A query to read the SYSLGRNX This month I want to have a look inside the SYSLGRNX – Not just for fun but actually to see if I, and you, have a serious RECOVER problem. The Problem began with too

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2016-02 Real Time Statistics (RTS) Revisited – Information missing (part 1)

Easy Real Time Statistics (RTS) data initialization from DB2 9 to DB2 11: Special query to run before a REORG, RUNSTAT or a DB2 Migration. How many RTS rows did you find?   Hands up who knows nothing about the

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