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2020-03 Db2 REORG SYSCOPY: DRAIN Delays are Despicable

REORG and missing SYSCOPY: delays on a Db2 site caused from a DRAIN SQL and a badly timed RUNSTATS. How to identify the bad SQLs thanks to z/OS tools.

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2020-02 Db2 UPDATE column: UPDATEs for nothing and CPU ain’t free!

Db2 UPDATE column: what happens “under the covers” when the column value you are updating is exactly the same as the new value?

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2017-11 Db2 APAR list: An APAR a day keeps the bugs at bay

Db2 12 APAR – time saving list With all the talk about “agile” going on, and referring to one of my older 2017-09 newsletters* on APARs, I think it is time to tell you all about another little service that

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2017-02 Why SIZE still matters in Db2 12

What has changed for space management in Db2 12? How to avoid SIZE limits in Db2 12 like in previous Db2 Releases? How to monitor the maximum possible SIZE of table and index spaces and table and index partitions? SIZE in

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2017-01 Db2 12 technical overview: Roy’s first features review

This Db2 12 technical overview presents in an „easy to read“ table list a review of new Db2 12 features Have you encountered any other Db2 12 changes you’d like to discuss?   Now that Db2 12 has gone GA

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Rotten Results from RUNSTATS Require Rescue

Do you know the basic rules to ensure access path stability when using RUNSTATS? DB2 z/OS Access path stability: Time for another of my “I noticed something strange at a customer site recently” Newsletters. Enjoy!   RUNSTATS are good aren’t they? At

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2016-03 DB2 z/OS Real Time Statistics (RTS) Revisited – Information missing (part 2)

DB2 z/OS Real Time Statistics (RTS) –  NULL initialization made easy A second RTS query to set this time *all* of your RTS KPIs and counters to enable good DB2 Database Maintenance before a REORG, RUNSTAT or a DB2 Migration for DB2

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2016-02 Real Time Statistics (RTS) Revisited – Information missing (part 1)

Easy Real Time Statistics (RTS) data initialization from DB2 9 to DB2 11: Special query to run before a REORG, RUNSTAT or a DB2 Migration. How many RTS rows did you find?   Hands up who knows nothing about the

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2015-09 A real CLUSTER Buster

  Are you using the „default“ clustering INDEX or are you defining the correct INDEX with the CLUSTER Attribute? This newsletter is dedicated to all DDL designers who do their best but then omit that last tiny bit. No-one really

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2015-03: DB2 z/OS object changes: Quiet Times for maintenance

Do you have an idea when tables are in use?   Ahhh! Wouldn’t it be great if we all had just quiet times? Sadly we never have time for anything these days, let alone for peace and quiet! The quiet

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