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2019-04 ZOWE for Continuous Delivery – It’s worse than that – he’s tested Jim!

With this Db2 12 testing checklist, be ready to navigate into the Db2 Continuous Delivery world, well supported by Zowe, the modern IBM z/OS GUI

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Tridex März 2019

Treffen Sie uns auf der Tridex März 2018 in New York, und nehmen Sie an unserer Präsentationen teil:
1 – „An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay!“ from Roy Boxwell
Audit and Compliance is one of the big challenges companies are facing these days. With GDPR and a bunch of other laws either in force or „coming soon to an auditor near you“ it is time to bite the bullet and start working with the auditor not against.
This presentation shows how you can answer Who did What When ‐ whenever needed.

2 – „ZOWE – The zGui (r)evolution – First hands on experience and best practices“ from Ulf Heinrich
The evolution of the mainframe had a variety of GUI approaches, some lasted for a while, some never took off at all. However, it was never THE COMMON ecosystem used by all products and all vendors.

At the 2018 SHARE, IBM, Rocket Software and CA Technologies announced ZOWE – THE z ecosystem to securely manage, control, script and develop.

Of course, an announcement is probably not the final truth, but from what I’ve already seen and used I’m more than enthused. This presentation shows you the basics you need to understand ZOWE, summarizes the steps you need to use it and illustrates how ISPF online and batch applications are supported fromthe GUI world.

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