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Space monitoring & Space management

Different space limiting factors are reviewed in this blog issues. Found out explanations and tips to avoid being out of extent :

  • Table/tablespace definition

  • Index/indexspace definition

  • Allocated space

  • Overall space available

  • Number of space extents

  • Minimum number of partitions

  • Sequences

  • Identity columns

  • DOCIDs

  • Numeric Primary Keys

2019-12 Fun with Db2 12 PBR RPN

Avoid runing out of extent during partition in production with the recently enhanced SAX – Space AssuranceExpert thanks to the new PBR – RPN for Db2 12

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2019-09 A DBA has got to know his limitations

Know the most important Space limitations in Db2 and how to check them to avoid being out of extent thanks to a real-time space monitor small tool

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Machine Learning for Db2 z/OS: Artificial Intelligence – Hype or Reality?

Machine learning for db2 review, now that the Db2 Optimizer has gone all Artificial Intelligent (AI).

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2018-11 db2 Numeric Primary Keys: Space, the final frontier?

What do Db2 numeric Primary Keys have to do with space management ?
How to find out which sequences are nearing their physical limit ?

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2017-02 Why SIZE still matters in Db2 12

What has changed for space management in Db2 12? How to avoid SIZE limits in Db2 12 like in previous Db2 Releases? How to monitor the maximum possible SIZE of table and index spaces and table and index partitions? SIZE in

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2016-10 Discovering hidden recovery problems in the SYSLGRNX – Update 2020-09

A query to read the SYSLGRNX This month I want to have a look inside the SYSLGRNX – Not just for fun but actually to see if I, and you, have a serious RECOVER problem. The Problem began with too

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2016-09 Solving SEQUENCE or space problems in Db2

What do you do if your critical production tablespace reaches its maximum of 32 datasets on a Saturday? Could you actually get the REORG through before prime time starts on Monday morning? I have recently been involved with trialing and

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