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2018-02 Db2 Catalog Statistics revisited

Db2 Optimizer & access path selection for Db2 11 & Db2 12 : Db2 Catalog data | Problematic default values | Correlations in the Db2 Catalog  It has been six years since the last update so I thought, after Terry Purcell’s excellent

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2017-11 Db2 APAR list: An APAR a day keeps the bugs at bay

Db2 12 APAR – time saving list With all the talk about “agile” going on, and referring to one of my older 2017-09 newsletters* on APARs, I think it is time to tell you all about another little service that

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2017-10 Db2 log size: How big is your LOG?

  How to validate that your Db2 LOGs are OK ? Sizing of LOGs changed quite a bit in Db2 11 and Db2 12, so I thought a little recap about the correct sizing and ZPARMS was in order this

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2017-09 Db2 12 SQL Access paths: Death by APAR

We recently held one of our Design Councils, this one was all about Db2 12 and going Agile. I was asked the following question after one of my presentations about verifying Db2 Code/Catalog/Function Levels: “How many APARs really can affect

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2017-06 APPLCOMPAT in Db2 12: a little bit more agile?

How to set Collection Ids for a reopt 2, 3 or 4 (Runtime optimization) and avoid the default collection NULLID ? Following on from my last newsletter, I have had to do some research about Collection Ids and how to

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2017-05 Db2 version 12: A little bit too agile?

  How to handle APPLCOMPAT when it comes to Dynamic SQL? I have been involved in testing in Db2 version 12 for a while now, and I think we need a discussion about a few features that come in with this

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2017-03 Db2 11 RBA/LRSN Migration 6 to 10 bytes

db2 11 RBA/LRSN Migration 6 to 10 bytes: How long do you think it will take you to get from 6 – 10 Bytes and Simple/Segmented to UTS’s? Are you thinking days, months, years?? This month, I want to discuss

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2017-02 Why SIZE still matters in Db2 12

What has changed for space management in Db2 12? How to avoid SIZE limits in Db2 12 like in previous Db2 Releases? How to monitor the maximum possible SIZE of table and index spaces and table and index partitions? SIZE in

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2017-01 Db2 12 technical overview: Roy’s first features review

This Db2 12 technical overview presents in an „easy to read“ table list a review of new Db2 12 features Have you encountered any other Db2 12 changes you’d like to discuss?   Now that Db2 12 has gone GA

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2016-09 Solving SEQUENCE or space problems in Db2

What do you do if your critical production tablespace reaches its maximum of 32 datasets on a Saturday? Could you actually get the REORG through before prime time starts on Monday morning? I have recently been involved with trialing and

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