2019-03 EXPLAIN data review

Db2 EXPLAIN example: a quick history of EXPLAIN and a new standard Db2 EXPLAIN Query to bring out the best and most underused columns.

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Can you guess how interesting the DSN_PREDICAT_TABLE really is?

DB2 z/OS literal replacement: Do you know the queries to list the Dynamic SQL which have literals or Parameter markers? Here is a very handy method to (fairly) quickly see if you have a literal problem that is killing the DSC

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GIVE and TAKE Program

1,2,3 Give and Take 2020 Information on the Give and Take 4,5,6,7 Previous Give & Take We have “GIVEn” various free-of-charge Use Cases from our SQL WorkloadExpert for Db2 z/OS like: 1 Index Maintenance Costs 2 EXPLAIN Suppression 3 BIF

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2014-01: Complementing IBMs ACCESS PLAN Stability 1, for Dynamic SQL

  In collaborazione con Expertise4IT Con il package di salvataggio globale delle RUNSTATS implementato da SEG: Per quale ragione questa buona idea in qualche caso fallisce?   • La storia • Cos’è accaduto realmente? • Come risolvere il problema? •

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