Db2 Database Maintenance and Performance

RealTime DBAExpert for Db2 z/OS

High availability and recoverability are a DBA’s biggest challenge. Meeting service level agreements and compliance requirements are harder then ever, especially in shops with little or no batch window.

RealTime DBAExpert (RTDX) is a comprehensive Db2 database administration tool kit that you can use to automate maintenance and manage databases in a static, predefined batch window or dynamically On Demand. RTDX also controls the execution of Db2 utilities and Db2 commands. The integrated SAX (Space AssuranceExpert) – monitor proactively warns the user and efficiently manages space.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time information and analysis RTDX

    • Uses real-time statistics for database analysis
    • Schedules maintenance activity in a predefined batch window, or on demand
  • Utility generation and control

    • Integrates with database utilities, initiating utility generation as needed
    • Assures successful Db2 utility execution on a rule-based system
    • Automatically corrects potential failure
  • SAX: Space AssuranceExpert – Dynamic space assurance and alerting

    • Monitors physical data set limits (linear page set audit)
    • Monitors partition sizes
    • Monitors Sequence and Identity Limits
    • Monitors degenerated extents
    • Avoid running out of extents
    • Monitors SMS storage groups

RTDX leaves it up to you whether Db2 database maintenance should be done the classic way, in a predefined batch window, or the On Demand way, dynamically once a threshold is exceeded.

Whatever you decide, job execution and management features like Utility Runtime Prediction, WLM Control and Utility Governance always assure that it easily aligns securely with your production workload.