Zowe Workshops offerings

Subject: Virtual 45 minutes per single workshop. Follow up for details if required. 

On the 24th and 25th of May SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GmbH sponsored the German G-U-I-D-E  Db2 System Administration meeting in Düsseldorf. 

Additionally, on the 2nd Day from 13:00 – 17:00  IBM and SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GMBH held a ZOWE Information Workshop for more than 40 participants in person and also virtual.

Our experience and expertise as a product development Company:

Since 2018 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING GMBH have worked with Zowe and transformed three of its Db2 for z/OS products from Eclipse to the Zowe Desktop.

The Düsseldorf Workshop discovered the need for  the Db2 Mainframe community to get more education about Zowe for System programmers as well as for DBAs on various levels. Decide where you and your company stands:

  1. We don´t know much about Zowe and want to get more basic and background information about what Zowe can do for us.
  2. We want to start with Zowe and need support in installation questions.
  3. We already have installed Zowe  but stumbled at several points and need help to resolve difficulties.

Offering overview: Workshop language is in either english or german.

  1. Introduction to Zowe
    Objective: Understand the fundamentals of Zowe and its importance to mainframe management
    • What is Zowe and why is it important.
    • Architecture and components of Zowe
  2. Using the Zowe CLI
    Objective: Learn how to use the Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) to interact with the mainframe
    • Set up and configure the Zowe CLI
    • Execute basic commands such as file operations, batch job management etc.
    • Use of plugins and extensions
  3. Connecting Zowe to DevOps tools
    Objective: Connecting Zowe to DevOps workflow to automate processes
    • Use Zowe APIs to integrate with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins or GIT
    • Automate builds, tests and developments on the mainframe
    • Monitoring and logging of actions in Zowe
  4. Advanced Zowe Features
    Objective: Deepen into advanced features and concepts of Zowe
    • Access to mainframe resources such as databases and transaction monitors
    • Security and authentication in Zowe (MFA)
    • Advanced configuration and customization of Zowe
  5. Best Practices and Case Studies
    Objective: To exchange experiences and discuss best practices in the application of Zowe
    • Successful implementation of Zowe in companies 
    • Tips for optimizing workflows and performance
    • Current development and future trends regarding Zowe
  6. Software Engineering GmbH Zowe Conformance Products
    Objective: Get an idea about the look and feel of Zowe Desktop products and its tremendous interactive reporting capabilities

Please send your wished appointment to Techsupport@seg.de .   

We will contact you to talk about the details.

Example for a desired appointment could be : Every Week, Wednesday 12:00-12:45. 1st week Nr.1, 2nd week Nr.2 etc.