Information systems (distributed applications)

Planning, selection and introduction enterprise information Systems


Consulting, planning and realisation regarding

  • Structure of information systems (2-/3-level architectures, distributed software systems) and software infrastructures (application server, data bases, broker, messaging systems)
  • Structure of distributed databases and database clusters
  • Guidelines with the OO development (Coding style/Storybook/Modelling Conventions, Iterative/Generative/Evolutionary cycles)
  • Guidelines and standards for development and design of graphic surfaces

Production of costing and use analyses (TCO, ROI, Payback)

Direction of the project, project management and coaching of software projects

  • In the traditional phases of the requirement management, the modelling, the implementation, testing, the distribution and in the phases rationally of the Unified Process (RUP).
  • On the target platforms Windows NT/2000/.NET/2003, AIX, VMS, SUN Solaris and LINUX
  • In the programming languages JAVA, C/C++, NET (VB/C #), SHELL Scripting (bash, csh, ksh, Perl), REXX, COBOL.

Quality, transparency and success by use of established standards:

  • Modelling language: UML
  • Procedural models: Rational Unified Process (RUP)
  • Case tools: Rational Rose, Together
  • Change management tools: Clear case, CVS and Source safe
  • Requirement management tools: Rational Requisite Pro
  • Quality management: Rational Clear quest, Keystone, Bugzilla
  • Development environments: MS Visual C/C++/C#/VB, IBM Visual Age for Java, JBuilder, Netbeans, IBM Eclipse
  • OO Standard methods: OO Design Patterns
  • Standard- Development-Frameworks: JAVA, Windows C++/MFC, .NET
  • Enterprise Computing: Enterprise Java Beans (Session/Entity-Beans, CMP/BMP), Corba, Java RMI)
  • Information exchange/transformation: XML, XSLT, XML Pattern
  • Network communication: Socket programming (TCP/UDP), Java-RMI

Support of the relational/object-relational database management systems Oracle, SAP DB, Ingres/Postgres