“Monitoring Alerts at MasterCard” Download PDF

held by Tom Glaser, Principal Database Engineer, Mastercard

  • Tridex, New York, June 9th
  • IDUG NA, Boston, July 12th

Session abstract: Are you monitoring the right Db2 messages and codes?  Do you have automation setup to look at MSTR and page you if a critical issue arises? Are you looking at -904 (resource unavailable) conditions to see what needs to be fixed now, vs sometime later? Do you maintain a list of all Db2 messages and codes that are critical to the success of Db2 on z/OS?

I’d like to review what Mastercard is doing to insure we are monitoring the latest alerts, are we covering all areas of Db2, and what tools we use to set up automation and monitoring. I will provide a list of those messages and codes we monitor.

Speaker biography: Tom Glaser has worked in the mainframe environment for the past 35 years, and with Db2 on z/OS since Version 1.3.  Tom has written numerous articles on Db2, developed tools, and has presented at past IDUG, IOD and Insight conferences in the US, as well as Europe.  Tom is president of the St. Louis Db2 Users Group and is an IBM Champion  He supports Db2 at Mastercard in St. Louis, MO.