Saint Louis Db2 Users Group – September 2017

STDLUG St. Louis, MO, Vereinigte Staaten

STLUG - on September 12th, 2017.

1 - Db2 12 Continuous Delivery – New challenges for deployment:
while a Db2 version migration usually took months, or even years, there will be no new Db2 version after 12, but continuous code drops...

Saint Louis Db2 Users Group – June 2018

Meet us at the Saint Louis DB2 Users Group - June 2018 in St. Louis, MO, USA and attend our presentation on Db2 12 Continuous Delivery - STLDUG - "Total environment simulation – Workload Replay in an agile world".

Db2 Cloning proved to be just the right way to setup a testing, or development environment instantly. Some Db2 shops are refreshing multi-terabyte sized Db2 systems nearly on a daily basis, by exploiting cloning procedures and instant copy hardware features. While associated database objects and their data can be copied in a fully automated and resource friendly way, it turns out to be quite challenging and complex to cover representative SQL workload. Scaling workloads is an easier task, but parallel execution and especially exceptional queries, only executed on months, quarters, or years end can be cumbersome to be included adequately. If we want to avoid compromising quality of testing, our testing tasks become more complex to build and to maintain. Do we have the time for tasks like this? Does it fit DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery? Join this presentation and learn how you can upgrade!

Saint Louis Db2 Users Group – May 2019

STDLUG St. Louis, MO, Vereinigte Staaten

Meet us at the STLDUG – Saint Louis Db2 Users Group, MO, USA – 14. May 2019 and attend our presentation.
"An Audit a day keeps the lawyers at bay!"
Audit and Compliance is one of the big challenges companies are facing these days. With GDPR and a bunch of other laws either in force or "coming soon to an auditor near you" it is time to bite the bullet and start working with the auditor not against.
This presentation shows how you can answer Who did What When ‐ whenever needed.

Saint Louis Db2 Users Group – March 2020

Meet us at the STLUG, on March 10, 2020 and attend our presentation:

Db2 for z/OS Know your Limits!
In this presentation I will show and explain the current number of limits within Db2 on z/OS.