Central Canada DB2 Users Group 2021

Virtual Event

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING & SEGUS präsentieren: Space Troopers enter the ZOWE worldDb2 mission control for the next generation Space is infinite, but that doesn't mean there are no limits. Space Troopers in the galaxy of Db2 z/OS want to see the bad guys coming before the production spacecraft gets exhausted. Sneak into the ZOWEs space mission

IDUG NA Virtual Conference 2021

Virtual Event

Join our IDUG NA 2021 presentation Mitigating migration mayhem in a deprecated world on Tuesday June 8th

November 2021 WDUG VIRTUAL Db2 for z/OS Meeting

Virtual Meeting

SEGUS & SOFTWARE ENGINEERING present: Esoteric Functions in Db2 In this presentation I will delve into FTB/FIT, Spatial Indexes, Regular Expressions, Clone tables and Scrollable cursors. All of these could be called esoteric as most shops do not use or even know of their existence! I would hope that after this presentation the viewers will

IDUG Virtual EMEA Db2 Tech Conference

Virtual Event

SEGUS & SOFTWARE ENGINEERING present: Wednesday, Dec 8th 10:00 - 10:50 EST A07(7119) - Are you happy or are you still deprecated? Db2 has grown a lot over the years and, partly due to this, it carries around a ton of old baggage. Do you have any bodies buried in the cellar? Due to age,