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Frühjahrstagung der GSE-Arbeitsgruppe „DB2-Systemverwaltung“ (BDB2D)

18.-19. Mai 2015

SEGUS & SOFTWARE ENGINEERING sponsern diese Veranstaltung & präsentieren

– 25 Years of Missed Opportunities? SQL Tuning Revisited

– Built in function – BIF compatibility



25 Years of Missed Opportunities? SQL Tuning Revisited

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” (H. Jackson Brown, Jr).

This is especially true when it comes to SQL Tuning!


There are many low-hanging fruits within easy grasp of anyone tasked with tuning their systems. But how do you know what is dangling within reach if you can’t see it?

Find out how a modern DB2 z/OS SQL warehouse can collect and store all executed static and dynamic SQL (plex-wide) with basically no overhead.

By comparing SQL statements side-by-side, the “easy pickings” will immediately become apparent. But why stop there? Experts can effortlessly dig deeper and find the totally hidden gems: Disc Problem Detection, Delay Detection, Never executed SQL, SQL Timeline. Precisely pinpoint specific areas to target and get the most out of your DB2 system – while reducing costs.



1 – Tuning SQL – how we always done it

2 – Single SQL, package, application

3 – Tuning SQL – year 2004 – ACCESS PATH comparison and simulation

4 – Tuning SQL Revisited – A new methodology

5 – Harvesting the low hanging fruit


Speaker biography

Roy Boxwell has more than 26 years of experience in MVS, OS/390, and z/OS environments – 21 of those in DB2. He specializes in installation, migration, and performance monitoring and tuning. Roy leads the SEG development team responsible for the real time database maintenance solutions. He is also an active participant, speaker and contributor on the IDUG DB2 Listserv and sends out a monthly DB2 z/OS Newsletter.


Built in function – BIF compatibility

Schon in DB2 V10, alle Inkompatibilitäten (IFCID 366) vor der Migration auf DB2 V11 bereinigen,




1 – ZPARM – BIF Compatibility Settings

2 – Installation und Migration Informationen, relevante APARs

3 – Vorgehen bei dem Kunden

4 – Auswertung der Trace Records

5 – BIF: JCL des Auswertungsjobs (IBM OMEGAMON)

6 – BIF: Auswertung mit SQL WorkloadExpert (WLX) for DB2 z/OS

8 – In DB2 V10, alle Inkompatibilitäten (IFCID 366) vor der Migration auf DB2 V11 bereinigen

9 – BIF Compatibility für DB2 V11


Über BIF

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