Central Canada DB2 Users Group 2018

Institute for Learning 3550 Pharmacy avenue, Toronto

Treffen Sie uns auf der Central Canada DB2 Users Group 2018 im Juni - CCDB2UG - Toronto, ON, Canada und nehmen Sie an unserer Präsentation über Continuous Delivery teil: "Db2 12 – 12 months agile production experience with more focus on the Data and less on the base".

On October 21st 2016 Db2 12 went GA and several customers have quickly started to take a look at this new version. About a year ago some migrated their production systems and started to gain real life experience.
In July IBM also decided to do a massive rebranding throughout the z – ups, sorry – the Z portfolio. Db2 since then comes with a lowercase b, to place all emphasis on "Data"—your data. With all of this in mind we’ve created this presentation, bundling a year of experience to share best practices and tips for the Data-focused, agile database.