RTDX Maintenance PTF P22244 (Binaries, zipped)
RTDX Base Installation P21322 (Binaries, zipped)
EasyInstall P19039 (Binaries, zipped)

Notes_to_Download_RTDX_Base_directly_seg .txt

User Guides:

RealTimeMaintain V4.40 User Guide
SpaceManager V4.20 User Guide
BatchControl for DB2 z-OS User Guide

 Installation Guide:

EasyInstall User Guide

SAX App for Zowe:

SAX App for Zowe P22152 (Binaries, zipped)

What’s new / What was new:

with PTF P22244
with PTF P22152
with PTF P22152 – BDB2
with PTF P22152 – SDB2
with PTF P22066
with PTF P21334
with PTF P21322
with PTF P21228
with PTF P21145
with PTF P21102
with PTF P21064
with PTF P21021
with PTF P21005 – SDB2
with PTF P20321
with PTF P20241
with PTF P20241 – BDB2
with PTF P20182
with PTF P20114
with PTF P20079